served with a choice of white or brown rice, egg, edamame slaw, tomatoes
  1. Tofu, Mushrooms and Spinach Adobo
    soy-garlic glaze
  2. Bistek Style Milkfish
    milkfish belly, sauteed and crisp onions, soy calamansi glaze
  3. Ribeye or Shrimp Salpicao
    olive oil, white mushrooms, garlic, paprika
  4. Honey-Sesame Bacon
    oven baked pork bacon
  5. Pacham! Fried Rice
    our favorite staff meal! Fried rice of mixed meat, annatto, chili and cilantro topped with egg
  6. Eggplant Torta
    omelette of whole roasted eggplant served with banana ketchup
  1. Champorado (choice of dark or white chocolate)
    Filipino chocolate rice porridge, rock salt and cheese foam, sliced seasonal fruits, raw trail mix
  2. Bibingka Skillet
    traditional Filipino coconut and rice cake, sweet coconut flakes, salted egg creme anglaise
  3. Pandesal French Toast
    honey-sesame pork bacon, cage-free eggs, coconut toffee sauce
cage-free eggs served with pandesal and fruits in season
  1. Just Eggs (Any style)
  2. Omelettes or Scrambles

  1. Ensalada Elena Una
    greens, fruits, nuts, white cheese, mango-sesame dressing or calamansi vinaigrette

  1. Lumpia
    pork and shrimp rolls, sweet chili sauce
  2. Sisig
    choice of chicken, oyster, tofu-mushroom or pork
  3. Dynamite Lumpia
    pork, shrimp, white cheese and serrano pepper rolls, lemon aioli
  4. Street Style Balls
    fun mix of fish ball skewers drizzled with spicy savory sauce and crushed pork rinds
  5. Salted Egg Shoestring Fries
    crisp shoestring fries lightly coated with salted egg sauce
  6. Chicken Wings
    choice of honey-teriyaki or savory red curry

  1. Halo-Halo Panna Cotta
    classic halo-halo ingredients, ube and coconut milk panna cotta
  2. Calamansi Cheesecake
    baked Philippine lemon cheesecake
  3. Fruit Bowl
    freshest of the season
  4. Fruits, Nuts and Cheese
    seasonal fruits, raw honey, mascarpone cheese
  5. Berry Bread Pudding
    warm bread pudding, coconut-toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream